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Dr Christina N. Zdenek

Scientist: Biologist

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About Me

I am a biologist at the University of Queensland, where in 2020 I received my PhD in the effect of Australian snake venoms upon our blood and the effectiveness of antivenoms. I now manage the Venom Evolution Lab as a post-doctoral researcher. My current research focuses on snake venom, antivenoms, Death Adder ecology, snake behaviour, and Palm Cockatoos. 

I have worked with various taxa: Macaws in the Peruvian Amazon, Little Penguins in Victoria, Palm Cockatoos on Cape York Peninsula, and Death Adders on Magnetic Island. My work on the human-snake conflict began 12 years ago and has ranged from public education to scientific fieldwork and pre-clinical antivenom testing. From 2009–2014 I was the seasonal Team Leader for The Palm Cockatoo Project with The Australian National University. From 2010-2016, I seasonally worked as a venomous-snake education demonstrator, educating the Australian public on best practices, identification, and first aid regarding snakes. 

Some projects I run:

#PalmCockatooProject, (palmy conservation) 

#CockyCognition Project bird vocalisations, bird cognition,

#DeathAdderProject (Death Adder ecology), and 

#SoundGardenProject ('How do snakes respond to sound?')

I have published 42 scientific publications, am a Fulbright Fellow alumna, an #ABCTop5 recipient (2021), and am regularly do science communication in public and in the media. My ultimate purpose is to use science to promote a better world, for humans and for wildlife. 

About: Bio
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